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Make sure your final Trimester of pregnancy prepares you for birth and beyond. 

The third trimester of pregnancy is when women gather the things and information they will need for birth and baby.  They also gather together, seeking out feminine company as they near the ultimate feminine event of giving birth. I assist you in gathering the resources, information, support and love of those around you as you approach your birthing day.  At the end of these 3 months, you will be fully ready to embrace your birthing and postpartum adventure with confidence and an open heart.


I will meet you in your home (or on a wooded path, or in a café ) once a month to help you integrate all that is happening, and all that lies ahead. Each meeting with be followed by an email check-in to help integrate what we discussed.

Our themes will be:


  1. Befriending fear: voice fears and gain tools to dissipate them

  2. Uncover your curiosity: let curiosity lead the way into this new experience

  3. Blessing your transition: planning your Mother Blessing



Postpartum Preparation, and Newborn Care and Feeding


  • Postpartum Preparation: this 2 hours class covers everything no one talks about, including your changing relationships, how to ask for help, dealing with sleep deprivation, ways others can nourish you after baby is born, and more!

  • Newborn Care and Feeding: This 2.5 hour class covers caring for your baby from newborn-3 months, including Growth and Development, Baby Care Basics, Feeding, Diapering, Bathing, Swaddling, Babywearing, and Bonding with your baby.


Your Mother Blessing

Mother Blessings come from many traditions that mark the rite of passage from Woman to Mother. They are different from baby showers in that the focus is on preparing the mother-to-be for birth and the transition into motherhood, rather than providing material goods for the baby. 

Your circle of 5-10 women gather, within the month before your due date, in a nurturing space to honor the coming birth. Ceremonies often include sharing poems/blessings/prayers, a craft activity, song/dance, feasting, bathing the expecting mother’s feet/braiding her hair/decorating her belly with henna.

            Participants laugh, cry, adore, share, and enjoy themselves.

You will leave your Blessing Ceremony feeling excited and ready for your birth adventure and beyond, supported by your community of feminine energy. 


Your investment for ALL this goodness: $260/month for 3 months

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