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Stories shape our lives. 

There are many stories to choose from, woven together in your birth journey.

This rite of passage has affected you on every level. 

I invite you to dive into your story and discover what it has to teach you. 

This guided process will bring peace, empowerment, and connection to you and those close to you.

Mother and a Child

It will allow you to integrate your experience of the birth journey, and release emotions such as confusion, discomfort, and anger.   

It simply requires your trust, curiosity, and openness to what lies ahead. 

  • Does thinking about your birth experience distract you from enjoying life now?

  • Do events or feelings from giving birth creep into your daily life and keep you unsettled?

  • Do you feel like you have to invent a story to tell others so that they won’t ask too many question about the birth, shame you, or feel awkward when hearing your story?

  • Do you feel like your birth started parenthood off on the wrong foot?

I am Molly. I have worked with new mothers as a postpartum doula for a decade. I often see mamas struggling to make sense of the events of their birth journey or their feelings about it. This struggle distracts them from fully enjoying special moments with their new baby and other loved ones. The process I use in Birth Story Healing brings a shift in the relationship with the story so that it no longer tugs at the heart, mind, or energy. Not until I found this work, did I fully release events and interactions that I had struggled with in the immediate postpartum of my son’s birth 10 years prior.

  • Birth Story Healing is for you if you:

    • want to shift your relationship with your story,

    • are curious, open to exploration and learning,

    • look forward to peace and contentment after the session.​​

  • Birth Story Healing is not for you if you:

    • believe that time will heal all wounds,

    • think other women have had more traumatic births and you shouldn't complain,  

    • prefer to brush difficult experiences under the rug and never look at them,

    • aren’t open to a guided adventure, or self care.

"I spent a year and a half looking for the right way to process my birth story, and found it through Birth Story Healing with Molly Rouse. In our sessions, I transformed and healed many memories of giving birth that were causing me grief.

I recommend Molly and her nurturing presence to all mamas who need a bit of help to reclaim their birth story with love and compassion. Thank you Molly for all that you do and your gifts that you share with us. I'm so grateful." ~ Rose

"I met with Molly for a Birth Story Healing session and I can't recommend it enough. Almost 2 years after the birth of my son, I began to realize that there was a lot of trauma surrounding his birth, a lot of fear and a lot I just didn't understand. Molly was so easy to talk to and listened deeply as I shared. She naturally guided our conversation and helped me to uncover what was at the root of my feelings towards birth. It made my whole experience (which initially felt so big and heavy and confusing) feel manageable, like something I could hold in my hand instead of a huge cloud hanging over me. Meeting with her was a big step towards my own personal healing and I would highly recommend her to anyone else working through their birth story!" ~ April

  By signing up for a session, you will receive:

  • Time and energy to heal and process your story and your relationship with it.  
  • My undivided attention and guidance in discovering your underlying self beliefs and loving them into shifting. 

  • A mantra or symbol to take with you to bring you peace when you need it most.


  • How many sessions do clients usually need?
    • One Session shifts your relationship with your story, but you are welcome to do as many sessions as you want!
  • What if my story is so traumatic I cry when I talk or think about it?
    • Tears, snot, etc are totally fine with ​me, as long as you are willing to share your story, feelings and thoughts. If your experience is too difficult to talk about, I encourage you to seek other forms of therapy before doing a Birth Story Healing Session. 
  • What if my partner is having a hard time with the childbearing journey, not me?

    • I do sessions for partners and birth attendants as well. In fact, these sessions are great for anyone experiencing discomfort with any life event. ​

  • What if I gave birth many years ago?

    • The length of time since your birth doesn't really matter.  If there is an element that still weighs heavy on your heart, I would love to help you approach it with curiosity. ​

  • What if my birth was great, but my pregnancy/ postpartum/ conception journey still feels unresolved?

    • The Birth Story Healing Process works just as well for other challenging journeys as for the birth adventure. If you feel challenged by ​any life event, and are ready to engage with it, this process is for you.

Cost $125/Session (payment plans available - contact me to discuss before scheduling:

Appointment Length: 90 minutes

Location: Zoom (from the comfort of your own space)

 After a Birth Story Healing Session, you will feel more peace, and self confidence, ability to live in the present, and connection. You'll be able to release blame, fear, shame, guilt. 

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