I am available to support you no matter where you live! 

Through virtual coaching, I can assist you with all things

postpartum and newborn:

breast-feeding, infant care instruction, recipes for recovery, sleep challenges, delegating responsibilities so you can rest or bathe, processing your transition to parenthood, healing from birth, navigating relationships, and more (like figuring out what the colors of your baby's poop mean!).

I am here to cheer you on and answer all your questions!



 (1-hour sessions)

3 sessions: $250 (save $50)

5 sessions: $400 (save $100)

Interested in working with me?

Book a 15 minute complimentary call, or go ahead and schedule! 

Birth Story Healing: $125/session

These virtual sessions are for mothers or partners struggling to make sense of the events of their birth journey or their feelings about it. This struggle distracts them from fully enjoying special moments with their new baby and other loved ones. The process I use in Birth Story Healing brings a shift in the relationship with the story so that it no longer tugs at the heart, mind, or energy.

I always love meeting new people. Think we're a fit?

Drop me a note: molly@lifebeyondbirth.com

Learn more about me HERE.


Life Beyond Birth builds a culture of confidence, connection, and compassion - one family at a time.

Life Beyond Birth, Burnsville, NC . molly@lifebeyondbirth.com. 828-778-4958

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