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Nestling Nourishment

Abundant deliciousness creates healing and relaxation

For the first 6 weeks postpartum, your only jobs are to recover from pregnancy and birth, fall in love with your baby, and learn to meet their needs. Having freshly-made, nourishing food prepared in your home makes this possible. I bring your first meal after you give birth, then come to your house to cook for 4 hours once a week - and I can do the shopping too! The aromas that drift to you in your nestling place send your brain messages of abundance and contentment. 

It is my joy and pleasure to create delicious and nourishing foods to fuel your motherhood journey. 
First meal postpartum:
I arrive at your place for giving birth to deliver a meal that is replenishing and easy to digest.
My favorite is chicken bone broth and molasses rice congee (veggie broth for vegetarians/vegans).
Six weeks of Nourishment:
Six weeks is about the length of time that is needed for the uterus to return to its original size, and for breastmilk production to regulate. There is usually a huge contrast between how you feel at the beginning of this period and at the end. Having food that you love and trust helps everything go well as you incorporate baby into your family. 
The menu is a collaboration as I learn what family members love and don't care for. I'll share information about what is most healing for new moms to eat, and what can cause upset baby bellies.
I can shop, or you can ask a family member or friend to shop for the ingredients.  I am happy to make shopping lists!
While I am in your home and lovingly preparing meals, I am available to wear your baby or answer any questions you may have about infant care, feeding, postpartum recovery and more! 
Your investment for ALL this goodness: $250/week, no grocery shopping
                                                                          $300/week, with grocery shopping

"I will never forget how it made us feel to have these nourishing foods made for us after we got home from the hospital. It was like a true Earth angel was in our kitchen blessing our home with the most amazing aromas. We felt comforted and supported and the food was divine." ~ Grace

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