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Welcome to

Alma's Handmade Shop!

You are going to love it - just you wait! 


Hi, I'm Alma!

I am 9 years old. I play soccer and do gymnastics.

I love to play outside, do art projects, read,  snuggle with my cat, & bake things! I call myself a book worm because I love to read!


My favorite color is teal or a good shade of light or dark green. I have one cat, one chickens, three hermit crabs, a little sister named Magnolia, and a big brother named Oscar.

I love animals more than anyone could imagine!  I donate 50% of the money that you spend to animals in need. If you will please buy and\or share, that would be much appreciated. 


I add new things to my website every once in a while so if you want to stay updated please visit any time.


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