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Marble Surface

Hi, I'm Alma!

I  love to play outside, snuggle with my cat, and make things!! I am 8 years old and play soccer. I love animals more than anyone could imagine! I call myself a book worm because I love to read!!!! My favorite color is teal or a good shade of light green. I have a sweet tooth, but I would not even try to sneak candy or anything like that.

12 Chocolate Chip Cookies

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My family loves them!!! I love making these too! Treat yourself (or gift loved ones) with a dozen scrumptious cookies.

Made with organic ingredients and lot's of love!!!!!!!

Local customers only.

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Note: 6.13.21 - 6.25.21 Alma is away at camp and will not be filling orders until late June. You may still place orders, and they will be filled in the order they are received. Thanks for your understanding and support of Alma!