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Find a gentle landing after the whirlwind of baby's arrival.

The whole world is focused on you when you have a baby, people ask what they can do, and love to shower attention on baby. Then after 3 months, they get used to the fact you are a mom and baby is here, and they go back to life as usual - but your world has been forever changed, and you could still use support! This package is meant to ease you down slowly as you find your feet out in the world with this new baby. 

NURTURED MAMAS builds a culture of confidence, connection, and compassion,
changing the world one family at a time. 

Postpartum Doula Support


I will come to your home once a week and cook, clean and do laundry. We will rejoice in your growth as a mother as well as baby’s blossoming.  At the end of this phase, you will feel capable and confident as baby gains mobility, prepares to eat food, and settles into a schedule.


We will spend one visit each month focusing on a theme. The themes for our conversations will be:


  • Emerging: ways of being in the world with baby

  • Joy and Sorrow: Celebrations and grief

  • Future Changes: What lies ahead for your family


Class: Baby’s First Foods

Purees? Baby-led weaning/feeding? Let’s talk about it all!

We'll experiment with how to prepare baby's first foods and sample our creations. So, bring your questions, invite your mom friends and we will cover the topics of: * Approaches to feeding baby * When to start solids * What foods to start with * Spacing new foods * Signs of allergies/sensitivities * How to store baby food*


**BONUS: One Birth Story Listening Session to be used during baby's first year, whenever you are ready to transform your relationship with your birth story. 


Your commitment to bringing all this goodness to your life: $500/month for 3 months

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