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Birth of a Nurtured Mama

a 15-month package bringing peace,

confidence, and intention to your 

transition to motherhood.

Are you anxious about being a mom, unsure you’ll do it well? Do you want to be guided, and witnessed, and celebrated as you become the mother of a new human being? This 15 month package starts in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and goes through baby’s first year.  I support you to consciously become a mother, integrating your experience along the way, so that you are prepared for life beyond birth and confident in your new role. If you are looking for deep, long-term support and healing, this package is for you.

The NURTURED MAMAS approach to Birthing a Mother supports you through four phases:
Gathering, Receiving, Becoming, and Belonging.  
NURTURED MAMAS builds a culture of confidence, connection, and compassion,
changing the world one family at a time. 

Months 1-3: Gathering – What you NEED as you prepare to birth your baby

The third trimester of pregnancy is when women gather the things and information they will need for birth and baby.  They also gather together, seeking out feminine company as they near the ultimate feminine event of giving birth. I assist you in gathering the resources, information, support and love of those around you as you approach your birthing day.  At the end of these 3 months, you will be fully ready to embrace your birthing adventure with an open heart and mind.



  1. Befriending fear: voice fears and gain tools to dissipate them

  2. Uncover your curiosity: let curiosity lead the way into this new experience

  3. Blessing your transition: planning your Mother Blessing



1. Postpartum Preparation

2. Newborn Care and Feeding


Your Mother Blessing

Mother Blessings come from many traditions that mark the right of passage from Woman to Mother. They are different from baby showers in that the focus is on preparing the mother-to-be for birth and the transition into motherhood, rather than providing material goods for the baby. 

Months 4-6: Receiving  - Learn to slow down, ask for help, and navigate changes

The fourth trimester is a time for receiving all of the help, support, and love that surrounds you.  I teach you how to understand and care for your baby. I cook nourishing foods using ancient postpartum protocols, rub sweet oil into your sore body, and brew rejuvenating teas (See my Ancient Healing with Ayurveda Package for more info). I support you to breastfeed your baby and address any questions or concerns you have. I clean and do laundry. At the end of these 3 months, you will have integrated the experience of having a baby, and feel nourished, confident, and open to the changes baby has brought.


During the time I support you in your home, we will set aside time to focus on the following themes each month:


  • Recovery and Skills: Rest, learning to feed & care for baby

  • Reflection: Your story of partnership, pregnancy, birth, and mothering

  • Activation: Inspiration spawned by motherhood

Your Baby Blessing

In many cultures, it is believed that the first 3 months of a baby's life are when they are still connected to the realm from which they came.  The Three-Month milestone also marks the point at which babies are more interactive and present. This blessing ritual recognizes you and your partner as parents, and the spiritual arrival of baby, here in this realm. 

Months 7-9: Becoming – Grow to be a confident and capable mother

After a sweet 3 months of rest, recovery, and learning, you are ready to settle into your new identity as a mother. During this 5th Trimester (until baby is 6 months old), we will work together to integrate your experience, needs, and truths. 



  • Emerging: ways of being in the world with baby

  • Joy and Sorrow: Celebrations and grief

  • Future Changes: What lies ahead for your family



Baby’s First Foods

Months 10-15: Belonging – Find your tribe

For the next 6 months, until your baby turns ONE (!) I will set aside an hour once a month to connect and check in about how you are doing on your path. As baby turns one, I will visit one last time to celebrate the amazing journey you have been on to reach this milestone!


**BONUS: Fairy Godmother Package to be used during baby's first year, whenever you want a full 24 hours of support. Yes, that includes overnight care for baby - wow! 

AND One Birth Story Listening Session to be used during baby's first year, whenever you are ready to transform your relationship with your birth story. 

Your commitment to bringing all this goodness to your life: $400/month for 15 months
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