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Life Beyond Birth 101 Student Spotlight: Sara Ream

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Students in the most recent cohort of Life Beyond Birth 101 (my 9 week group coaching course for first-time-expectant parents) graduated on March 30, 2020. They are sharing their experiences with the course so that others may understand more of the benefits of this group experience. Read on!

Meet Sara Ream!

I really valued the flow of Life Beyond Birth 101, and how we really connected as partners before getting into the day-to-day details of postpartum. We were able to be deeply vulnerable about the things that might come up after our baby is born, all the while being held and guided by Molly, letting us know that all of these feelings, anxieties, and fears were normal. The nitty gritty on breastfeeding, infant care, postpartum care, and food demystified a lot of the questions I had about what happens after we bring our baby home!

It was great to have the permission to see things differently than what the mainstream tells us ~ particularly about how to see our bodies, approach our babies, take care of ourselves, set reasonable expectations of our capabilities, and how to connect with our partners and families in whatever ways work for us.

After our Monday evening classes, my husband and I would often fall into a much deeper discussion about the class contents over dinner. Talking through things made the information stick and also allowed us to open deeper to the vulnerabilities and questions we had about this topic.

Molly’s presence is immediately calming and confidence inspiring! I am going to miss hearing her voice in our weekly lessons and interacting with her on Monday evenings. Her style of teaching is empowering and trusts that each person knows what's best for their own situation.

Doing this course over 9 weeks definitely gave us time for deep discussion and contemplation between lessons. With such a large topic, it was nice to not have everything crammed into a small window of time.

I loved getting to know other couples and how they are approaching parenting, postpartum, life, boundaries, and all the other things associated with becoming new parents for the first time. It's always reassuring to know you're not alone in this world and that others may have the same questions you do or raise their hand and ask something that you didn't know you needed to know.

Life Beyond Birth 101 is empowering, informative, demystifying, connecting, educational, necessary, and fun. I recommend it for couples who are interested in connecting through their experience, uncovering what it really looks like after you bring your baby home, and learning how to be curious about how to best care for yourselves and your baby.


Life Beyond Birth provides support for expectant parents, and new babies & their families, online and in-person. Find a class or contact Molly at

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