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Warming Winter Infusion

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The ingredients in this infusion are warming and help to kindle digestive fire (known as agni in Ayurveda). When Agni is strong, the body and immune system are strong! Fennel has the additional benefit of helping you poo. This is a wonderful beverage to drink warm during cold, damp weather, as well as for treating winter ailments such as colds, coughs, and the flu. May it bring you delightful moments of warmth and snuggly coziness. 

Warming Winter Infusion

Ingredients 1" fresh ginger root sliced thinly  5-7 cardamom pods 5-7 black peppercorns 1 cinnamon stick 1 t fennel seed 4 cups water

optional: 1T oat straw, nettles, or tulsi 1T honey splash of milk or non-dairy alternative

Instructions Place all ingredients in a pot on medium heat. Bring to a boil for 10 minutes. Turn off heat and let the pot sit for 5 minutes Strain into quart sized Mason jar Pour into beautiful mugs and sip leisurely!

note: this infusion keeps well in the fridge after it cools to room temperature. Rather than putting it on the stove or in the microwave, I like to reheat it by filling my mug 1/2 way with the cold tea and adding boiling water. 


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