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Hannah's Ghee Dates

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

This is a really nourishing treat post-partum. Sweet taste is grounding and nourishing. Dates are particularly nutritive to the female hormonal system and combining them with beneficial fat allows their nourishment to sink deeper into the body and calm the nervous system. Ghee dates are sustenance for a mama like breastmilk for a baby. Directions: - Pack a pint jar full of pitted medjool dates - Make ghee from 3/4 pound of butter, or melt already made ghee - Pour hot ghee over dates until the jar is full and dates are covered - Put a lid on the jar and let it sit for two weeks out of direct sunlight in room temperature - After two weeks, eat one date and surrounding ghee every day - Enjoy the nourishment!

Optional: To help kindle digestive fire and add yummy flavor, you can mix a few pinches of ground cardamom into the melted ghee

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