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January ~ Earth's Postpartum Window

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I love reminders of how the rhythms of our lives are connected with the earth. When I tune into Mother Earth, her seasons, and myself I see that I am hearing a wise voice. We are in the time of year that is the Earth’s postpartum period. After the production and harvest of the fall, there comes a time to cocoon. In Ayurveda, the first 42 days after birth are called the Sacred Window. During this time, a new mother is open to deep nourishment and healing OR deep depletion. 

Is it any coincidence that the time in which we find ourselves right now is a sacred window between the Winter Solstice and Imbolc (a day half way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox )? This time period, like the postpartum sacred window, is 6 weeks long. It is a time for sleeping, dreaming, and allowing life to settle and flow like molasses. It is also a time for digesting and integrating the past and preparing to open up to new experiences and growth. This year Imbolc is on February 2, 2020 (2/2/2020) which seems very auspicious, doesn’t it? 

Rachelle Garcia Seliga ( wrote recently:  “We are not in the season of 'rebirth' or 'new resolutions' (which IS the season of Spring) - as often come with 'new year' celebrations. May we remember that the calendar year is not aligned with the cycles of our bodies nor the seasons - and may we honor and even celebrate:  what we feel and where we're at, at this time.”

I encourage the new mothers I work with to rest as much as possible after their pregnancy and birth journeys; this is the request we all must heed now. This time of year begs us to nestle in soft blankets and drink tea! Will you join me in making a commitment to withdraw any amount possible from the hectic pace - to honor this time of year and life, when dreams are sown and recovery happens – just until February 2?. 

This past weekend, I learned a new song by Becky Reardon called "Winter Solstice Round" that embodies how I want to live the next few weeks: “Deep down in the belly of the night, dream sweet winter dreams, and lie safe in your grandmother’s arms, still as a seed, still as a seed.”

What does honoring the Earth’s Postpartum look like for you? Where in your calendar can you remove a ‘should’ or ‘have-to’ and simply be? How can you honor (or even celebrate) where you are, right now? Whether you are actually recovering from birth, or recovering from a year of doing and going, please make space for digesting, and dreaming.... just as a new mother does while fading in and out of sleep, gazing at her newborn child, seeing all the potential that is there, still as a seed….

I send you so much love, sweet dreams, healing and contentment as you nestle in our collective fourth trimester. 


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