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Zoodles, Vegetti, Yum!

Updated: Apr 9

After all the contortions and effort the body goes through in pregnancy and birth, new mama digestion is weak. As summer begins (this one seems particularly hot!) it is often tempting to eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables, or cold treats. However, these foods require the digestive system to warm up them up in order to break them down. Warming up food uses energy that could be going to healing and breastmilk production. So, if YOU have recently given birth, do yourself a favor and eat cooked, warm foods! A client recently gave me a "Vegetti" - a gadget that makes noodles out of veggies. I have enjoyed making noodles out of a variety of vegetables, but my favorite is zucchini. I recommend sautéing these thin strips briefly to warm and soften them up a bit, though non-postpartum people may want to eat them raw.

Summer's bounty brings lots of fresh produce to the table. Ask a friend or neighbor to make you this simple, quick and flavorful dish. They will surely want to join you for dinner!

Vegetti Del Verano

3-4 Medium Zucchinis (or other veggies: yellow squash, carrots, japanese eggplant, etc) 1 Clove garlic 3T Oil/Fat of choice ( my fave is butter!) Salt & Pepper 1. Spiralize the vegetables, and let them sit in a bowl lined with cloth or paper towels to release extra water. 2. Heat oil in large frying pan. 3. Add vegetti all at once. 4. Crush garlic and stir into the cooking vegetables. 5. Stir until softened, 5-8 minutes. 6. Add salt and pepper to taste 7. Remove from the pan, and top with your favorite warmed sauce and/or protein! 8. Serve warm and enjoy. Simply Deeeeelish!

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