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How I’m Changing the World, One Pregnant Mother at a Time

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

pregnant woman at sunset. Photo by Josh Bean

Over my decade of supporting new babies and their families, I have heard so many new mothers say, “I wish someone had told me….

…what postpartum depression or anxiety actually feels like

…what a good breastfeeding latch looks and feels like

…how much I need to focus on sleep, and get it when I can

…how to put a support system in place for meals, housework, moral support

…how to care for a newborn

…how to care for my postpartum body

…how to balance my intuition with others’ advice

…that it is ok to sit around, snuggle my new baby, and not be productive

…how to ask for help, build a village, create community

…that everything, on every level of my life, changes with a new baby”

…and then they finish the thought with, “but I didn’t even know what questions to ask, or who to ask.”

This ignited my passion: uncovering the hidden parts of postpartum, and guiding moms and their partners in becoming vibrant, confident, and joyful in their first months of parenthood.

In 2016 I created 2 classes that I taught to small groups of pregnant couples. One was “Newborn Care and Feeding,” and the other “Postpartum Preparation,” which focused on parents and how their lives would change with a new baby. At the doula practice where I taught, most couples enrolled in Childbirth Education classes. Many couples also took my Newborn Care class, but few took my Postpartum Preparation class. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. Most knew they needed to learn how to care for a newborn.

However, they had no plan for feeding themselves when they were both sleep-deprived and hungry. They had no idea why mom’s nipples were cracked and bleeding, or why baby cried so much. They needed support, guidance, companionship, and education for this huge transition in their lives. The couples who completed my Postpartum Preparation class had better breastfeeding experiences, better sleep, and realized how critical postpartum support is. They were more peaceful, prepared, and positive in their 4th Trimesters!

I have struggled with overwhelm and anxiety as a new mother myself. Empowering more expectant families with the knowledge and wisdom I have collected has become my mission. I want to create a world in which every baby is born to calm, confident and connected parents. That’s why I created an online course - accessible to everyone, everywhere!

Life Beyond Birth 101 is a comprehensive, easy-to-digest course that prepares first-time expectant couples for the magic and challenges of life as new parents. It combines the best of my live classes, coaching strategies I’ve learned from experts in many disciplines, and all my years of working with new families. You will enjoy lessons that are straightforward and succinct, while at the same time being personable and engaging!

Dr. Tererai Trent, a women’s empowerment expert, says that you can tell where your life’s work lies by asking what breaks your heart. It breaks my heart that so many educated, self-realized women struggle with life after having a baby simply because they weren’t prepared for it.

Life Beyond Birth provides support for expectant parents, and new babies & their families, online and in-person. Find a class or contact Molly at

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